Hey! We're the Stevensons!

Wedding photographer and videographer team Jaimee and James.

Based in the Fraser Valley ~ Travelling frequently to the OK, Van Island and Beyond.

J + J

Husband + Wife duo here to capture your carefree, unique and candid moments. We love exploring the mountains, rivers, lakes, and if we could be surfing the ocean in Tofino every day, we 1000% would!

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I'm the girl behind all our posts and the lead photographer + contact here! The world through my lens is one where I am a teacher of littles during the week and a wedding dance floor crasher on the weekends. I love doing life outdoors, and anything with a bit of spice. I am a true busy body at heart and have to fill my cup everyday with something to do (hence why I have chosen to work in two very busy, fast-paced careers!) If I can spread any type of wisdom to my future self, friends, students, and readers on here, it would be to love hard, explore the world, and spread kindness as much as you possibly can.


I like to joke and call James my free assistant during the day. However, James is also the kindest, most hardworking person I have ever met. He is my second shooter during a wedding day, the lead videographer, navigator, and strength when I need it. James has a way of making long lasting friendships with almost every person he meets, and there is no way I could ever manage the work load I set ourselves up with in this business without him. James is passionate about the world, and aims to leave his mark on every part of the map.


The Klaassens

Bessssttttt photographers ever! Having Jaimee photograph our wedding was nothing short of a dream. Her and James worked exceptionally hard and got the most amazing shots of our huge bridal party, ceremony and reception. They are so personable and lovely it was like having our pals photograph our wedding. Even sending us so many sneak peeks right after the wedding! She has done family shoots, an engagement shoot and our wedding and we truly can’t wait to use her services in the future.

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